Biking is an opportunity to relax, enjoy the views, stay in the middle of nature and share such emotions with our customer; to be a MTB guide is first of all a way to know new people and we hope that these people enjoy our territories safely.


Once we have defined the date with the customer (or customer groups), the night before we come to know you to talk about us and if it is possible to check the bike. If this is not possible, it will be done on the day of the tour.

What to bring.

The helmet is mandatory for the ride and we recommend a backpack with:

  • bike clothing
  • Spare air chamber / Gas cylinder to repair wheel
  • A pump to swell the wheel
  • Sufficient water supply.
  • Energetic and proteins supplement

The Day.

On the day of the tour we meet at the established place (if possible half an hour before for a bike check). After a short explanation of the tour, we leave.

The purpose of the tour is predominantly tourist to appreciate the landscapes, so the velocity will be 8/10 Km / h  avarege and it may vary in according with partecipants.