The Langhe is a mountainous area in the Italian region of Piedmont, famous for its fine wines and food. If you have only one day to visit this region, here are some things not to miss:

  1. Visit Alba: a city famous for its truffles and its medieval old town.

  2. Wine tour: there are many wineries in the area, some of which offer tastings and guided tours.

  3. Serralunga d’Alba: a small picturesque village that offers a panoramic view of the Langhe hills.

  4. Barolo Castle: visit the castle and cellar of the famous Barolo wine.

  5. Eat well: the local cuisine is delicious, don’t miss the opportunity to try typical dishes such as fondue, mixed boiled meat, and tajarin pasta with meat sauce.

Although one day is not enough to fully explore the Langhe, this short list will give you an idea of the best places to visit.