The Langhe and Roero offer unique, unforgettable views for tourists and so for this feature many big benches are

located everywhere in the Piedmont area. Today we present Monastero Bormida Big Bench.

In the previous article we talked about the big bench in the lower Langa and Roero, today we talk about the big bench in Langa, more precisely in Monastero Bormida.

Big Bench located on the top of Monforte d’Alba..

How do you reach it?

Or with the car, arriving in the town square of Monastero Bormida, cross the Bormida torrent and the Road SP56. Then You can follow the signs. Little space to park, better to climb by foot leaving the car along the road. Or it could be a leg of a nice MTB tour, crossing the paths and the roads that cross the Langhe.

Excellent idea and suggestion for a Sunday out of town or during your holidays in the Langhe.

With the advent of eMTB (electric bikes) we can now offer everyone the opportunity to visit and find out where Big Bench are located: we propose a guided bike tour (by MTB guide) departing from alba. The route will develop roads in rural streets and sections of trails and cuts in the woods very suggestive. Estimated time about 3 hours with tourist gait. How is the tour organized? Click here.

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Discover where is Niella Belbo big bench.