Today we bring you to discover a fantastic path to ride, the Badger path (sentiero del Tasso) in the Roero.

Short story

The Sentiero del Tasso owes its name to one of the localities that it passes through: the Val Tassera (formerly Vallis taxeria), known for the many badger dens that it hosts in its most hidden gorges.

In fact, the yew is a widely spread mammal in the Roero territory: here it finds the environment suited to its reserved and mostly underground needs in the less frequented “corners” of dense woods and sees a growing spread in the Rocche area.

The Sentiero del Tasso is characterized by a great variety of landscapes: it runs through the panoramic top of the Vezza town with its countless vineyards, reaching the thick vegetation in which the silent Sanctuary of Madonna dei Boschi is hidden, and closes the ring crossing the Val Tassera where you can find the places frequented by the animal following the numerous footprints on the ground near the dens.

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Our pedaling

Departure from Borbore di Vezza where you can find a large parking area. We will tell you the round trip in an anticlockwise direction; the first part is on asphalt and climbs to Vezza d’Alba, cross it and take a rural road. The first part of the trail is developed along small roads in the middle of the vineyards with short wooded sections. Obviously the views are not lacking and the whole trail is well signposted, thanks to the Eco Museo delle Rocche.

Arrived in the valley, you go up again and the landscape changes, less vineyards and many more woods.

It ‘s a rise and fall continuously, but be careful that for at least two strokes we have to push (the second are at least 5 min).

We go back to the locality of Valmaggiore, an area of ​​acrobatic vineyards clinging to the steep hillside ridges: here the valley is still completely intact and silent, and has been included among the areas of Unesco candidacy of Langhe Monferrato and Roero. The road becomes asphalted just before the inhabited village, and the path overlaps the Path S4. After crossing the village, you leave the asphalt turning left again going back to an area of ​​vineyards. The path then remains at altitude with short ups and downs to get to the deviation to the Sanctuary of Madonna dei Boschi.

Here the official path of the Trail continues towards the valley: however, we invite you to visit the Sanctuary, a place of prehistoric attendance dating back to the second half of the 12th century: surrounded by greenery and on the top of the hill, it can be reached by going back and forth. Go down and then meet the second stretch to push, but deserves to make the last effort for the view and for the last fast and fun descent. A recommendation from your MTB guide: the entire route is always crossed by pedestrians, so always pay maximum attention and respect them.

Trail details

13 KM

490 mt of positive difference in level
Ring route, passable in both directions. Counter-clockwise two push-pull sections, max 5 min.

Max elevation: 357 m
Total climbing: 691 m