The heat of the Langhe and Roero, especially in the area most cultivated with vineyards, minimizes the incetives for an exit .
So it often happens to pedal at sunset, at night, and this allows us to take advantage of the hours less hot. The sunlight no longer beats directly on clothing and leather and already this is a feeling nothing short of regenerating.
If you add to this that night-riding is something really different from the usual, you can not take your mind off the oppressive feeling of heat that grips the body.

A bike ride night in Mtb is an experience that every biker should do: it is a mixture of emotions amazement, curiosity, surprise.
Obviously for a night remember to always be min, two bikers, have 2/3 lights and the rear red light to be always seen by the cars (or by your friends MTBiker) during thecycling on asphalt.

As always, bring along the necessary for hole, water and a spare battery.

What trail did we do?

Last time (click here) we did Barolo-La Morra trail, while this time we toured Barolo, Monforte, Monchiero, Novello and Barolo.

Fun ride, through woods and vineyards and occasionally some wild pig that kept us company.

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