Today, 20th oh July, is a day with temperatures above average and in Alba we are on the 32nd. Where to ride? In the Alta Langa, in particular on the path between Bossolasco and Murazzano and Bossolasco and Serravalle Langhe with an altitude average 750 meters above sea level, and therefore, has a temperature that is lower than some degree in respect of the lowland areas and the lower hills . (to be precise at 14.15 there were 27 ).

Today, however, I will not tell you about the our afternoon experience (in the coming days, obviously with the video), but with an experience of a blogger who likes to travel and tell about her experiences, in particular a MTB tour in the La Morra areas with

Sometimes a bike and some crazy colleagues is enough to detach from work, free your mind, and forget your problems.

We are lucky to live between the soft Piedmontese hills, so to organize a trip with bikes in the rolling landscape is really simple.

I never had a good relationship with bikes, especially if there was a strong climb involved, but with I-bike there is a good compromise to enjoy the pleasures of an outing and some fast downhill, without having Armstrong’s calves. If I had to give advice to someone who comes here for tourism, the bike ride is one of the first things I would say to do. Perfect combo …. Bike, visits to the winery, hills, and…….read more here

Obviously thanks to Ingrid and I invite you to the next episode where I will tell you today’s experience of the Valle Tanaro Trail in Alta Langa

What are you waiting for? Visit with your family, with your friends Langhe and Roero by bike, with a MTB or eMTB

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