We are in the middle of the summer season and therefore what better season to pedal at night? The hight temperature, the blazing sun often do not encourage to go out with the bike, but at the beginnig of darkness everything changes. In the last article we gave you technical information on how to equip yourself, today we want to try to describe what you try

Have you never doing?

Because if you have not tried, know that pedaling at night is a magical and awesome experience. The paths appear completely different, a dreamlike environment where to dive without hesitation.

Do you need some inspiration? Take a look at these amazing photos and video and tell us: did you want to do this experience?

In the video recorded just last night you can just as the same drop completely changes …. we split the descent into three segments so you can notice the differences.

The atmosphere is unique, the silence, the crickets singing, the frogs that complain and the shadows that hide or highlight a root ……. experience to try

Riding at night: Who has been lucky to do this experience?

Loneliness reigns supreme: you, your bike, the noise of the wheels on the ground, and nothing more. How can the night be silent?

Do not you know the trails or do you want to cycling with expert guides?

We are a group of MTB guides available to accompany you and let youdo this experience. Contact us to organize your tour