Why do you come on holiday with your MTB in Langa and Roero? We will try to give you some insights to invite you to come and discover our territory. National MTB Guides will be available to accompany you and organize your tours according to your needs (click here)

  1. Paths:  The territory offers many trails through woods and vineyards, which can of course be walked on, but also with our MTBs.
  2. Single Track: So many slopes and many single tracks ready to be sailed … to reach them of course you will have to face climbs in the middle of Vigne, Woods and Noccioleti.
  3. Wineyards: they are characteristic of the Langhe and Roero where some of the most famous wines, Barolo and Barbaresco are produced
  4. Woods: Besides the vineyards, there are many forests that break the cultivated land. Obviously they offer shade and cool during the warmer period.
  5. Noccioleti: Hazelnut is typical of our territory and often crossed by country roads obviously exploited by us MTBikers.
  6. Wine: Our hills are full of cellars (factory wine producer) and they are available to welcome you to taste the typical wines. Obligatory stop to do during our pedal
  7. Landscape: Every hill has its own summit where you can admire unique views and landscapes … it is a little effort to reach it, but then you are rewarded with breathtaking views.
  8. Castels: We talked about panoramas, panoramas that of course include the medieval castles that overlook our hills, from Grinzane Cavour to Serralunga, etc. etc.

    Castello di Grinzane

  9. Big Bench: Always talking about landscape, let’s find out where they are located to sit and enjoy the landscapes
  10. Restaurants: The Langhe and the Roero are famous for catering, great psychological support for the effort and the expense of energy that will be recovered for dinner in front of a good braised Barolo and the ravioli of Plin.

MTB guides available to accompany you in our Langhe and Roero. Contact us and book your tour here.

Know our territory safely and discover unique landscapes and landscapes