With the Valmanera tour in MTB we open a new section called MTB-Piemonte where we’ll tell you our experience in Piedmont out of Langhe and Roero. Our first proposal is the tour in Valmanera, woods in the North of Asti. It is an area with many forests and consequently many trails, track, single track and country roads. This is the our first experience in Valmanera (see the last post), but we will definitely go back to track new ones and let you know about our geotagged photos and the entire track video.

It should be noted that some traits are clean, there are drops and jumps well maintained and practicable. Congratulations to the kids who keep these places well maintained.

We have not yet been able to mount the entire video, but we suggest a short anticipation

Do you want to discover our territory accompanied by MTB Guide? We are available….click her for all informations.