Last Saturday, the desire was so great to go out with the bike, but we had to face the enemy number one in the winter, the mud.

After the recent snowfall , the ground is in many sections wet path, muddy and this means quadrupling our effort in riding, especially uphill.

What to do?

Good question. In the first place if we decide to go out to find aware of the mud, the first thing to do is to choose possibly a sunny location  (funds hard, stony) and some areas in the shade  (sometimes is better to opt opposite); in this way we find the frozen ground or snow. Of course, the knowledge of the places and paths is important, but it remains a part of the unknown.

Surely we would avoid the country roads that cross the vineyards, or roads to the bottom of a hill where the water tends to stagnate.

For example, on Saturday it decided to go up to Torione and although it was sunny (but still unknown tract), we went up pushing the bike with great effort (sometimes it was even tiring to stand).

Result: wheels locked dl mud and reduced bike so


A lot of patience.  Sometimes he stopped to remove the pile of mud, leaves and twigs that stuck objects between the frame of the wheel.


The MTB is also this, the spirit of adventure, fatigue, unexpected events that often make us jump our projects.

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