mtb-alba-diano-discesa-path-crosscountry13The sun yesterday persuaded to go out and seen the little time available we decided to introduce you to one of the many paths to connect the valley of Moretta district with Talloria valley going from Diano d’Alba.

It starts from Moretta church (where you can park), you take south direction  to Rodello, after about 1 km turn right into road Sottoripa which then becomes Via Pittatori. Upon reaching a little village, the yellow sign indicating to turn right. After a short flat stretch, it climbs through in the first place in the midst of hazelnuts. Once at the top, it goes down to the castle of Grinzane Cavour, but the first bend, turn left to go up to Diano d’Alba for about 1 km, then down to the valley Talloria. mtb-alba-diano-discesa-path-crosscountry08Very fast descent dirt road that boasts natural ramps for some jump.

The tour also included a climb towards Montelupo, but because of the mud we had to came back at home.


Next time the GPX track…. stay connected with us and register …. Good afternoon