colori-langhe-autunno-mtbAutumn has arrived, the risk is to go into hibernation before time scared by the dark days, gloomy days ……

Absolutely wrong …… because autumn is one of the best times of the year to ride trought trails, vineyards, forests and dirt roads. We try to give our point of view.

N°1 – Colors

The Langhe in autumn assume a very evocative color: pastel shades transform the vineyards and woods in unique and fascinating landscapes. And when the leaves change color from green to orange, red and gold, the routes you know well changed. Also the land where they your wheels go it like a carpet of many colors.


N°2 – The time and ride by night

Autumn is the season when the days get shorter more and more, especially at the end of October when the hour changes. What good opportunity to gear up the lights and ride by night? unique experience where darkness and especially the silence are the masters….OUR EXPERIENCES


N°3 – Cordiality and new friendship

In this season, the trails and vineyards are populated by so many people who love nature, by the cyclist and walker, by farmer. Excellent opportunity to converse during our short breaks


N°4 – The bike and  our body

Obviously, an important aspect is that we continue to do the exercise and of course our bicycle will not be condemned to a slow and inexorable oblivion.

SO pull the bike out of the garage, grease it and ride.

All tracks, file GPX to download here….remember to register


We take this opportunity to suggest that the Langhe in this period are a great landasce to photo and to be immortalized with our cameras or smartphone …. and to help our sponsors to be known, why not print photos on steel stainless? or on glass or wood? For information  click here

Here’s an example